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I have the best daddy ever. He comes over every week with the lawn mower and edger and edges my lawn while I mow. He came over for this ritual on Wednesday evening and we got my lawn looking quite spiffy. After I mowed, I started taking care of the little presents my puppy dog leaves behind when all o f the sudden something leaping from the grass caught my attention. I turned my gaze to see what it was.




A grasshopper? No, no, no, he was much cuter then a grasshopper. It was the most adorable tiny frog I have ever seen in my life. I started chasing the tiny hopping animal around my yard in attempts to catch it. Which I did. And I named him Fredrick. And I really, really, wanted to keep him. Like really bad. I was holding him cupped between my hands like you do in the “Bringing home a baby bumble bee…” song. I ran over to my dad like a six year old.

“Daddy! Look what I caught!” He was about as stoked as I was. We debated throwing him in with my fish (probably a bad idea), or creating an awesome habitat for him. But we settled on setting him free. So we walked to the little swamp land at the end of my street and set him free. But not without snapping a picture first.


Darling, right?


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