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Fame is a creepy thing

Last night my cute friend Christina posted a photo on my Facebook wall. The photo was, in fact, a poster.

With my face on it.

And Aubrey‘s face on it.

Creepy much that this is the first I’ve known or heard of it? A little, yes.

Here it is:


Remember this?

Yes, it is from 2009… a long, long time ago. Aubs and I attended Hari Krishna’s Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, UT.

I’m only assuming they took the picture from that post.

I’m feeling a strange mix of flattery and violation.

And this hold-out-your-camera self-portrait was the best picture they could find amongst all the pro-photographers that attend?

We are LITERALLY poster children for the event.



Does this mean we get free chalk this year?


P.S. Just a funny little side-note, I remember texting my now husband at this event back in 2009. We were both there, but we didn’t run into each other. I thought he was super dope and fun and I really wanted to meet up with him and his friends there. I had no idea I would marry that guy two and a half years later.



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Found this over at 320 Sycamore.

LOVE it.

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It’s official!

Okay, it’s been official for almost a month now, but guess what????

He wants to marry me!!!!!


I don’t know what I did in a past life to deserve this, but I’m sure glad I did it.


Here’s my ring…. can you say swoon?????


I know it’s just a crappy cell phone pic, but you can see how pretty it is.


Save the date!



Planning a wedding is so much fun! Seriously, right up my alley.

And it is stressful.


Anyway, just thought it was about time I told the internet world of my blissful relationship status.

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See??? I told you!

She. Is. Incredible.

And a perk of being roommates/bffs with an art student is getting your portrait drawn.

She is in business if you’re looking for an awesome gift.

Check out her art here.

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I have a problem, folks

I’m trapped in the middle of a nasty, vicious, dirty love triangle.


I love two men.


They are aware of each other, and they absolutely DO NOT like each other.

There has been biting, whining, foul language, you name it.


I wish we could all just get along.

You know, spend quality time together.

I had high hopes that it could happen, but I’m beginning to believe there is no hope.


One has been by my side, through thick and thin, for over four years.

The other has stolen my heart and swept me off my feet.


What’s a girl to do???


I drew a diagram to help my readers understand the tragic predicament I am in:


Why can’t my dog and my boyfriend just love each other already???


Me and Kodi dog.


Me and Jared.



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how you know

Wanna know how a girl know’s she has the best boyfriend OF ALL TIME???


It might be that he takes you to the Monster Truck Rally.

It might be that he makes you laugh 24/7.

It might be that he calls your roommate “Food Network” cause he can’t remember her name.

It might also be that he and the aforementioned roommate have agreed to have a “bro-mance.”

It might be that he writes you love letters when he takes his mom to Vegas for Christmas.

It might be that your mom wants to steal his Presidential Chia Pet.

It might be that he pretends like he knew who you were in high school cause you had English together and he thought you were super cute. (FYI, we did not have English together.)

It might be that he totally gets you.

It might be that he watches Jersey Shore with you and your other roommate and laughs at the insanity then vows to never watch it again, though you know he will be on your couch next week doing the exact same thing.

It might be that you’ve dated before, but this time there is nothing holding either of you back.

It might be that he loves the gospel.

It might be that he watches you pay your bills, helps you dismantle your Christmas tree and box it up, then lets you fall asleep on the couch… only to text you when he gets home: “Thanks for the amazing night! Probably one of the best nights of my life!” And he meant it.

It might be that, on your first date (the second time around) he inadvertently calls you a “slut.”

It might be that he makes you feel like you’re worth it.

It might be that he flips your dog the bird when he thinks you’re not looking.

It might be that you can talk with him about anything. And I mean anything.

 It might be the fact that he harasses you relentlessly about wearing a “pirate” shirt and a sweater vest.

It might be that he makes you the happiest you can remember being.


It might be that he’s perfect… for me.

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I don’t know how these Mormon Messages do it, but they always seem to tell me exactly what I need to hear at the exact moment I need to hear it.

 “She probably didn’t give it any consideration that her future could be better than her past.”

Whoa Nelly.

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