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Who me? Um… busy. Perdón. Being a grown-up is time-consuming.


Having fun is also time-consuming.

I’ll recap the fun part of the past three months (because we all know the grown-up part isn’t all that thrilling).

August: Quick Cali trip. And by quick, I mean quick. The trip clocked in at exactly 48 hours and 24 of those hours were spent driving. But I did get some of this:

And spent some time with these ladies (this pic may or may not have been taken when we ran out of gas a few miles outside of Las Vegas at 4 am):

And here are a few more gems from the trip for your viewing pleasure:

In September I hit up Bear Lake with a bunch of crazy cats:

And had fun:

This says: “Cambria rocks the Bear Lake universe yea” And that’s a fact, according to Jared.

Photobomb courtesy Abe.

Apparently the boys had too much fun.

Let’s finish this post off with some grilled peaches.


Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my cruise to the Bahama’s and my first trip ever to Lake Powell!


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I have the best daddy ever. He comes over every week with the lawn mower and edger and edges my lawn while I mow. He came over for this ritual on Wednesday evening and we got my lawn looking quite spiffy. After I mowed, I started taking care of the little presents my puppy dog leaves behind when all o f the sudden something leaping from the grass caught my attention. I turned my gaze to see what it was.




A grasshopper? No, no, no, he was much cuter then a grasshopper. It was the most adorable tiny frog I have ever seen in my life. I started chasing the tiny hopping animal around my yard in attempts to catch it. Which I did. And I named him Fredrick. And I really, really, wanted to keep him. Like really bad. I was holding him cupped between my hands like you do in the “Bringing home a baby bumble bee…” song. I ran over to my dad like a six year old.

“Daddy! Look what I caught!” He was about as stoked as I was. We debated throwing him in with my fish (probably a bad idea), or creating an awesome habitat for him. But we settled on setting him free. So we walked to the little swamp land at the end of my street and set him free. But not without snapping a picture first.


Darling, right?


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 I like to cheat on my blog sometimes. Partly because I’m lazy and partly because I have amazing blogging friends who work word wonders. Like my bff Aubrey, for example. I’m going to cheat on my blog with her blog. Again. Sorry blog, it’s not my fault Aub can spin beautiful webs of words.

But before I do, I must tell you about the second most amazing moment of my life so far. As some of you may know, I love President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints. I know it’s probably not very righteous to have a favorite apostle, but I do. So deal with it. Saturday morning I was enjoying the Days of ’47 Parade with Aubrey and Michelle, Aub’s mom and bro and my mom and dad and bro when all of the sudden, we saw President Uchtdorf coming up the parade route in a convertible. I got really, really excited to see him. Like, really excited. 

Remember last year when he sat by my fam and I? Pure awesomeness.

Anyway, back to the story at hand. SO, there I am, really excited and I get this great idea for Aub, Michelle and I to yell “WE LOVE YOU” to Pres. Uchtdorf. So we did. Because we’re five. At this point he turned to look at us. We were all cheering, but I was probably going a little spastic cause he is my favorite.

Then it happened. PRESIDENT UCHTDORF POINTED DIRECTLY AT ME AND WAVED!!! I’m not even kidding. I kinda freaked out with excitement and I’m pretty sure he laughed at me. It was amazing. And do you wanna know what makes it even more amazing? You see, I have this incredibly on the ball friend Aubrey who was taking pictures of the parade. She got a picture of the exact moment he pointed at me! I think I might frame it and hang it in my house somewhere.

(Insert angelic choir singing)

Thanks Aub-face!

Now, if you would like to read about the shenanigans leading up to this moment (and if you’d like to find out the reason why the word “homeless” is in the title) go to Aubrey‘s blog here.

If you would like to see a cute picture of siad shenanigans on Michelle‘s blog, go here.


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 Love Today, by Mika

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In May, I ran this. It was my third time, and every time my feet suffer. Blisters, bleeding, pain, purple toenails… none are a stranger to my feet in the weeks and months following the race. Never, never ever have my feet seen such an atrocity as what they faced this morning though. You see… for a while now, the toe next to my big toe (do particular toes have particular names?) on my left foot has been sporting a wiggly toenail. Just like a loose tooth. I could pull it back and forth and shake it around a bit.

It all started with that race, my toenail turned a blackish purple in the days following. This is normal, it’s happened every time I’ve run this race. Give that a couple of weeks and I can clean out the blackish purple gunk. Sorry. Some of you might be dry heaving now. BUT, once it’s clean it’s totally legit. Just wiggily. Not gross looking at all… unless I wiggle it for you because some people don’t like that kind of stuff. But I do. Anyway… this happened last year and the year before and it just kept growing out and in no time it was business as usual. Not this year. Maybe I wiggled it too much? IDK, but I do know that I have now joined the ranks of the freaks. The bearded ladies (ahem), the double jointed, the stretchy skinned, the Siamese twins… freaks. My deepest apologies if you fall into any of those categories and don’t appreciate being called a freak, but you’re in good company so don’t feel too bad. 🙂

You probably know what’s coming next…. yes, my toenail fell off. Weird! What am I supposed to do if I want to wear sandals or a pair of sexy peep-toed heels? I just don’t know. My co-worker suggested I just paint my toe… it just might work. Maybe I should just embrace being a freak?  Probably. 

 P.S. Yes, that is my foot on my desk at work. Bahaha.


Current NFS:

Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliott

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I’ve had some wonderful experiences the past seven days… Some firsts, even. There are so many cool moments to choose from, but I’ve narrowed them down to my top three:

3. Getting second-hand-high at the Modest Mouse show. Like whoa, kids.

2. Calling a sex line while at work. My ears were assaulted. You gotta watch out for that 1-800/1-888 ish.

1. Passing my first ever field sobriety test. With flying colors. On Main Street in my hometown. I even blew a .000 on the breathalyzer. Go me!

 My momma would be so proud.

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My friend Aaron showed me this video last night… SO FUNNY! I was in tears, I seriously love dogs. Especially my Kodi dog. Enjoy!

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Last weekend my ward, along with two others, ventured up to Martins Cove, Wyoming. I had a little bit of mixed feelings about going, but I was mostly excited. It turned out to be a wonderful trip! I got to know a few new people, danced, pulled a hand cart, stood on Independence Rock, and felt the sacred, peaceful spirit of Martins Cove. Here are just a few pictures I took:

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