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Hi guys. It’s me, Cambria. I’ve been kind of MIA lately. I know it’s not the first time I’ve posted an apology like this, but I’ve just been busy lately being all in love and having the time of my life with this one guy. Some call him Chewy. Some call him Jared. On the serious I love him and he is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and we have been having a blasty blast together.

This was on the 4th of July… one of both of our favorite holidays!!! I wish I could upload the video I took of him shaking his money-maker for some patriotic Mardi Gras beads from the Taco Time float in the K-town parade, but I can’t. I don’t think. And, I know we are blurry in the pic and the car behind us is in focus, but we were on the scooter, so I say it’s cool.


I decided to include a couple somewhat unrelated photos because I think they are funny:

First off: We belong to a dinner group we like to call “The Old Ladies Club.” Which is ironic because most members are mid-to-late-twenty-something aged dudes. This last week at Mo Bettah Steaks in Bounty town, my friend Chase made an insightful observation to the vacant space next to the Hawaiian bbq place we were eating at. “What kind of company was this? And is it any wonder they are out of business? And, look guys, you could see it and feel it, but then you had to buy it before you could smell it. Weird.” The world may never know, Chase.

Lastly, I generally like to keep my blog pretty family friendly and PG, but does anyone else see anything wrong with this robot??? This is a pattern that I came across and… um. Why??? Why would you make this for your child? Either someone is super sick in the head or someone made a very unfortunate oversight.

Peace and blessins, peace and blessins.


P.S. Remind me to tell you about the time Jared and I were lighting sparklers and Kodi dog tried to eat one and burned his face. It was super funny and then super sad.



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My blog stats… was it something I said?

Do I need to write about Taylor Momsen, Taylor Swift or Taylor Lautner again?

The Taylors were good for this blog… I think.

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{darling} bed

I kinda really need that bed. I keep getting teased for having a twin sized bed in my master bedroom… and I can’t handle being made fun of. Need a queen stat.

I found the picture here, but it doesn’t tell me where to find the bed. Anyone know where I can find funky beds? Help!


Current NFS:

Your New Twin Sized Bed, by Death Cab for Cutie

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Here’s to a happy 2010!

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… I bought some tee shirts for my brothers, Beau, and me.  They were hilarious and made me laugh till I cried.  Until just the other day I nearly forgot about these:  











…right up until I got a mailer from the company responsible for these gems.  The mailer had pictures of maybe a hundred (might be exaggerating to show how excited I was) new tee shirts I haven’t seen!  I’m thinking I need a new one… but which one?











Oh my goodness…. these never get old!

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Here’s a fun little slide show of some of my wards happenings this year.  Watching it makes me smile.  I make a couple appearances… see if you can spot me!

U32 Ward End of Year Slideshow – 2009 from Tanner Christensen on Vimeo.

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My dear, dear friend and leader Rick Bastian passed away yesterday.  I can hardly type those words without my chest tightening up and my eyes filling with tears.  I know Rick Bastian better as Brother Bastian, one of the counselors in the previous bishopric of the University 32nd Ward I attend.  Brother Bastian was always an incredible example of faith, love and strength to me.  You see, about two and a half years ago his oldest son and youngest daughter were in a car accident while driving home from a family vacation to Lake Powell.  They didn’t survive.  I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to lose two children at the same time.  At that time, Brother Bastian and his wife, KayeLynn, were incredibly strong and bore testimony of their love for the Savior and their knowledge of His hand in all things.  My heart ached for them.  It was clearly hard for them, but they never wavered; they never once asked “Why us?” and they remained strong and immovable in the gospel.  I learned a lot about faith and trust from their example.  A little under a year after that I was faced with the hardest trial I had met in my then 24 years.  I was lost and confused and hurting and though I was good at hiding it, Brother Bastian knew it.  He pulled me aside one day and told me that he loved me.  He told me the Lord loved me, too and that He knew what I was going through and He would always be there for me.  I knew Brother Bastian’s words were true because I knew he had been through unbearably hard times and he was making it through with the help of his Savior.  His words brough peace to my soul.  In the next few months, Brother Bastian became Bishop Bastian of the LDS Business College student ward.  I have seen Bishop and Sister Bastian every now and again at various events and activities and every time I am reminded of their ability to be strong amidst trial.  Today my heart is broken for KayeLynn and her family.  I can’t begin to imagine how hard the passing of her husband must be.  I know their family will be reunited one day, and what a glorious day that will be.  I know the Lord’s hand is in all things and that Rick and his two children were called to return to their Heavenly Father for a reason.  Please keep a prayer of comfort for KayeLynn and her family in your heart.

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