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So what if I’m over two months late in posting about my cruise to the Bahama’s with Ambler? Sue me. ūüėČ

Better late then not at all… and it true Cam form, I’ll keep the words short and the pictures… long. I guess.

Leaving Miami

A little kayaking adventure we went on… it was GORGEOUS.

A few miles away from one of the filming locations for Pirates of the Caribbean.


Those dark clouds behind me are part of this little damper we like to call  Tropical Storm Nicole headed our way.



Night out on the ship!


Alright folks… I think that’s enough for one post. I made it through the first two days ūüôā


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Even in Bangkok. I love this picture from my trip last August. I came across this picture last night and I had to laugh. I remember this exact moment. We were walking down this crazy tourist street in Bangkok with Europeans all around. I remember being astonished at the amount of white people around.¬†We rounded the corner¬†and dirty little Thai men kept trying to get me to get me to go into dirty little clubs with ladyboy’s¬†and mostly naked women and the like. “Ping pong, ping pong” they kept saying to me. Ping pong? You don’t wanna know. Ignoring did nothing. Finally I started egging one of them on. “Ping pong?!?!?!” I exclaimed back. The little man got very excited and started pointing me to a particular club. “Ping pong! Ping pong!” he kept saying. “No way, ping pong?” I¬†said¬†back. Amber started getting¬†upset with¬†me. “Cambria! Stop that! Don’t talk to them!” She was probably right but I could only ignore them for so long.

Anyway, enough of the immoral, evil stuff and back to my picture. The gesture Ronald and I are doing is a greeting of respect in Thailand. I got very used to putting my hands up to my face, fingers up, and bowing my head when I got a ride from someone, bought something, met someone, squeezed through¬†a doorway with someone coming the other way through, got my food from someone, tipped someone for taking a picture of me on an elephant ride, etc. They do it all the time! I started to love it. To me, it was a very warm, mutually respectful greeting and it doesn’t seem to be¬†dying like the handshake is in America. I completely loved experiencing a wholly new and different culture while in Thailand. I can’t wait for my next trip!

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Did that just happen? 2009, I mean. Like, the whole year.


January: Spent zero dollars on clothing. That’s a fact.

February: Visited Michelle in Nebraska! Who would have ever thought I would visit Nebraska… not me. But it was awesome. Started Sweet Somethings with my momma.

March: Went to the Festival of Colors with Aub Bob. Won a photo shoot! Dressed up in 80’s garb and danced the night away.

April: Bought Screamin’ Mimi… aka my scooter. I love her.

May: Happy birthday to me! I got my adorable bicycle, Gigi. Ran my second ever half marathon. Bought my Nikon D60.

June: One word: Hawaii. I don’t even care about anything else that happened in June.

July: I love July. I love the 4th of July. I also love the 24th of July because I live in Utah. July holidays = Bliss.

August: Hong Kong. Macau. Bangkok, Thailand. Epic adventures.

September: Started a photography class, chopped my hair. I love both.

October: Took lots of pictures. Dressed up as a bumble bee.

November: Turkey, mashed, stuffed, etc. Times two.

December: Said good-bye to Elder Nash. Hello house fire. Christmas. New Year’s Eve.

If you’re lucky I’ll post about how I did on my goals for 2009 and fill you in on my goals for 2010. But only if you’re lucky.

Love you all!

xoxo Cambria

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Here are some of my favorite pictures from Hong Kong this August.

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And while I was in Bangkok I went to the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo.  While I was there I did the following epic things:


Watched a cute elephant do a victory dance after winning a soccer match!¬† Dancing elephant?¬† Now that’s my kind of elephant.

DSC_0260Feed an elephant… it kinda creeped me out, I’ll be honest.¬† But it was still epic.


Posed for a picture with some baby elephants.¬† It was fun, as if you couldn’t tell. ūüôā

DSC_0335Yeah… I took a picture with a couple tigers.¬† It was a scary-and-epic-combo moment.

Picnik collageWatched this crazy Thai guy stick his entire arm down and crocodiles throat.  Crazy.

Picnik collage2Any ideas what this might be?¬† I gave you three clues…

Ready to find out???

Okay here goes…

DSC_0367I rode an elephant!!!

Thailand was incredible.¬†¬† This is just one morning… I have so much more to share!¬† Hopefully I can find bits of time here and there to put up more small posts like this one.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

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So, I’ve been in Utah for about 42 hours now.¬† It’s nice to be home.¬† I have so much I want to write about I don’t know where to start!¬† Also, I tried to get my pictures from my camera to my computer yesterday and failed.¬† SO, you will all need to share a little patience with me.¬† My friends Amber & Ty were, however, able to get some pictures up on Facebook… so I’m gonna steal a few to give you a taste of what is to come!


The is much, much more to come!!!

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Hong Kong has been amazing so far!¬† I don’t have a lot of time so I’m just going to share one funny experience.¬† Amber, Ty and myself have been riding the trains around everywhere.¬† The other day some cute teenage Chinese girls got on the train and were standing in the isle in front of our seats.¬† We got the feeling they were talking about us… so we asked Ty, the resident Cantonese speaker and he just laughed and said he’d tell us later.¬† So we asked him the second we were off the train.¬† He just laughed and shared the following exchange (I stole this part from Amber’s blog… thanks Amber!):

¬†Blue Shirt: ‘Why are you staring at them? Don’t stare at them!’

White Shirt: ‘They were staring at me!’

Blue Shirt: ‘They weren’t staring at you like you were staring at them! You’re lucky they didn’t hit you!’

White Shirt: ‘They aren’t like that. They don’t just hit people like that. Those are rumors.’

Blue Shirt: ‘I would hit you if you were staring at me like that!’

OMG we laughed so hard.¬† Yes, I just typed OMG on my blog… it was THAT funny!¬† Apparently Chinese people think Americans like to hit people for looking at them.

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I’m currently in Vancouver, Canada.¬† I’m too tired to share anything else… sorry!

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  1. Beau’s mom just brought me white chocolate dipped fortune cookies.
  2. The awesome lady in charge of the adorable gift shop in the hospital I work at wants to sell my wallets.  kyesss!
  3. I’m going to wreak havoc in¬†Hong Kong & Thailand this¬†soon with these crazy cats.
  4. I’ll be running the Ogden Half Marathon in one week (and one day).¬† Pray for me.¬† Please.
  5. It’s Friday. Okay, I guess it’s Friday for you, too.¬† You dont’ have to hate me for that.
  6. This girl and this girl¬†are my besties.¬† I’m not sharing, sorry.
  7. Oh yeah… and did I mention I’m going to HAWAII on June 6th?¬† Thanks for the plane ticket mom & dad, happy birthday to me!!¬† Aloha Oi!

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Shelby Lou Who tagged me!¬† Shelby and I became blog friends a little while ago and I think she is just the cutest thing since… spring.¬† Yes, spring.¬† She even bought one of my wallets wayyyyy back before we became blog friends so that makes her like ten times cooler (if that is even possible).¬†¬†Now, I’m going to write a little note¬†to my brother Mike, everyone else can skip straight¬†to the lists.¬† Mike, do you even¬†read this?¬† I want you to¬†marry Shelby, okay?¬† I’ll get the introducing done and double with you guys for your first date so it’s not so awkward.¬† She even know’s¬†our cousin Emilee… so Emilee can vouch for¬†her awesomness, too.¬† kthanks.¬†

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago

1. Wow… 5 years ago it was 2004.¬† I was three years into college… um… wow.¬† I feel old.¬†

2. I was probably dating a really stupid guy.  I did that a lot.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

4. I’m pretty sure I might have been hanging out with Michelle and¬†MacLane A LOT.¬† Ohhhhh… those are two fun cats I tell you.¬† Now they are both married to awesome EC’s (Eternal Companions).

5. Living and learning.

5 Things on My To-Do-List

1. Pay Amber and Ty the remaining balance of my plane ticket to Hong Kong.  Oh, and the hotel.  I think I have like $1,000 left.

2.¬†¬†Run, run, and more run!¬†¬†The¬†Ogden¬†Half¬†Marathon is in¬†t-minus 15 days.¬† I’m really freaking out.¬†

3.¬† Clean my room?¬† That’s always on my list.¬† Did you read that, mom?¬† Are you proud I’m at least thinking about it?

4.  Finish paying off the Federal Government. $600 left on that one.  Stupid taxes.

5.¬†Pay off Scoot.¬† $940 left on that one!¬†¬† Wow… I have accrued a lot of debt in the last few months.

5 Places I’ve Lived

1.¬†“I lived in heaven a long time ago, it is trueeeeeee.¬† Lived there and loved there with¬†people I know, so did youuuuuuu.”¬†

2.¬†My mother’s womb (for¬†approximately 9 months)¬†

3. Davis North Hospital (for a day or two) 

4. Centerville, Utah (till I was 3.5 years old) 

5. Kaysville, Utah (from 3.5 years till now!) 

5 Things I Want to Be Doing in 5 Years

1.¬† Be married.¬† Wow… how generic¬†and cliche of me to put marriage as my number one.¬† But come on, I don’t want to be a 31 year old single Mormon girl in Utah… talk about terrible odds!

2.¬† I’d like to have traveled to at least 5 new amazing places like Europe, New Zealand,¬†New York, Hawaii, Japan, Australia, Florida, The Caribbean, etc.

3.¬† If I’m lucky enough for numero uno to work out would it be too much to ask for a kid or two?¬† Depending on timing, of course.

4.¬† I’ll be honest… it’d be really sweet if I wasn’t working.¬† Just keeping it real.

5 People I Tag

Collin & Jennise (they count as one…)



Amber & Ty (they count as one, too)


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