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So…. I LOVE the Jazz.

Like, LOVE.

And I love Ronnie Price, very, very much.

I remember the moment I had a conversion of the heart to Jazz Basketball:

Watching that gives me chills, even now.


I love the Jazz. And so does Sig. Sig got some great tickets, so we donned our Jazz apparel and headed to Energy Solutions Arena last night with one unified goal:

Make it on the jumbotron.

 Guess what??? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! We made it onto this:

We obviously aren’t on it in that picture, because at the time we were too busy shaking what our momma’s gave us to take a picture of it.

But it happend.

You can ask Jess or Lindsay or Gen or Kristi, cause they were there and they saw it.

Oh, and we won! Take that, Sacramento.


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