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Here are some snippets of the past view days in the life of Cambria… brought to you by my Blackberry Storm.


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Isn’t that just too cute?  I must bore Beau to sleep… or he must have had a long day working his kush salaried job for the man.


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When we’re helping we’re happy.  Karyn, some girl, Aubrey, Hailey, some dude and some girl from the 31st ward, and Chrystal volunteering for the Stamp Out Hunger day at the West Jordan Post office.

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Chrystal, Aubrey, Me, Hailey and Karyn sitting on the “Monday and Tuesday Deliveries” at the Post Office… waiting for more food to show up for us to sort.


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The volunteers from the 31st ward were total slackers.

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More evidence of 31st ward slackers!


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This picture breaks my heart.  This is a nest of baby birds hiding out above our garage in the ivy.  Early Saturday evening Beau and I were walking out the front door to go hot tubing with Aubrey and her friend Kale and I saw two of these baby birds laying on our driveway.  They must have fallen out of their nest!  They were flopping around, obviously lost and confused as to where they were.  I wanted to help them but I knew we couldn’t touch them or their mom wouldn’t come back.  What kind of a mother does that?!?!?!  I hate mommy birds!  I convinced Beau we needed to put on gardening gloves (to mask our human smell) and put them back… so we (well, he) did.  I just knew they were going to be okay if they got back to their nest.  I climbed up the latter to be sure and I took this picture as proof.  They were all wriggling around and chirp chirp chirping.  So we put the ladder back and started to head out again and guess what we saw?  Another baby bird on the driveway!  I think it must have been one of the birdies who already fell out.  He wasn’t doing too well.  We put him back up and I made Beau help out their little nest so they wouldn’t fall out as easily.  I then assigned my family to watch them very closely to make sure they would be okay.  When we got home later that night, the birds were up there chirping away.  Success!  Come Sunday morning there were no birdie chirps coming from above the garage.  What if we caused them all to die???  That’s what I’m afraid of but I’m too scared to look.  I hope they magically grew strong enough to fly and are out on their own in the world.  Wow… this is turning out to be extremely sad, isn’t it?  Sorry.

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