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I can’t believe I forgot the second most hated thing on my list of hated things yesterday!

Disappearing.  I have (… er… had?) this amazingly great friend for the past four and a half years. Here’s the history of me and him in a nutshell: We started out dating, dated for 11 months, he dumped me but said he wanted to stay friends, that didn’t happen… we didn’t talk for three months, then I needed him (not “needed” needed him, but for reals needed him for something I had to do and was super scared to do.  He was one of the only people who could help me with it… I had to clarify), so I broke the ice, he helped me, he asked me out for my birthday a week later, he apologized for being a d-bag, then bada-bing-bada-boom we were friends!, my bff and confidant Aubrey was gone for a year and a half serving the Lord and this friend stepped up and helped me through the toughest decision I ever made and the hardest thing I ever did, he was an incredible support to me and someone I could always always count on, I start dating Beau and we stay friends because we’re friends, he starts dating a girl and tells me about every step in the progression of their relationship and we stay friends, he gets engaged to said girl and we stay friends, communication slows but I guess that’s expected (it’s not like we talked all the time), he tells me the gf gets mad when he talks to anyone female, he asks me for my address (twice) for my invite to the wedding because we are friends, I tell him a little about the awesome wedding present I was making for them, I go out of the country for about a month and while I’m gone he gets married, I come back to no wedding invite so I asked him why and he assured me he sent one and asks why I thought he wouldn’t invite me (?), I text him to ask him if I can bring their wedding present by and he says yes but we didn’t arrange a time, I notice we are no longer friends on Facebook so I text him to ask him why, no response, a few weeks later I text to ask if I could bring his wedding gift by that Saturday (twice), no response.  I guess we’re not friends anymore? 😦


Oh, and Melissa.

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completely un-original

This post is completely un-original but I swear on the Holy Bible I thought about writing it before I saw this, this or this. What can I say, I have awesome friends and great minds think alike? Anyway, I feel like I need to vent because a lot of things are going all wrong and consequently are totally bumming me out!  Here it is, Cambria’s current list of hated things:

Melissa. Yes, that’s her real name. I don’t hate people… heck, I rarely don’t get along with people but Melissa… oh Melissa I despise. I only hate her because she has hated me since before she knew me and that hatred ultimately cost me a job I loved doing. Did I say too much?  Maybe, but I don’t work there anymore so what harm can be done now. I don’t know what I did to that miserable wench other than try to defend myself. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh okay. I just made a decision. I seriously could go on and on but I’ve decided to show some self-control. Onto my next hated thing.

Health Insurance. What do I look like, a money tree? Why do I have to grow up and get my own health insurance. Life would be so much more fantastic if I could stay on my mommy’s and daddy’s insurance for free (to me, anyway) forever.

6:00 am. Agreed?

This one I’m not going to title or explain other than: Twice in one month? You gotta be kidding.


$7.50. This is the pay of my new part-time job.  I’m not kidding in the slightest. The aforementioned job I was at for three and a half years made more than twice that. Good thing I make closer to three times that at the hospital. On a positive note, I get to work with fabric and I almost don’t care what the pay is.  Almost.

Crying.  I hate, hate, hate crying. Wait, maybe I should clarify; I hate crying in front of people. It makes me feel weak… I prefer to cry alone.

Melissa B. Yup, that’s her real last initial. I’m -><- that close to sharing her whole last name and posting a link to her address on Google maps.

Calories. When I was in Hong Kong some of the food labels listed calories as energies. I’m going to call them energies indefinitely.

Guys. Is it not obvious that I’m not interested if within the first thirty seconds of our convo at last weekends’ pre-ween Halloween party I bounce it to the other side of the room? That’s not an invitation to follow me… ALL NIGHT. 


Asthma. I’m pretty sure my Aderol puffer has been expired for a few years because it’s not working.

And last but far from least, Melissa.

*I know darn well this is far from mature of me.  But seriously, if you only knew the sorrow I’ve known.


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Heads Will Roll, by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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darn it

I really wanted to like this movie, but I didn’t. 😦


Where’s the happy ending?  Where’s the life lessons?  *spoiler alert!*  Why are the Wild Things so sad and why don’t they ever get happy?  I was liking it all the way up util the end cause I thought it was going to turn around…  but no.  It ended and everyone was still sad.  I hated it, darn it.

{the soundtrack sounded pretty sweet, though}

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