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Hi guys. It’s me, Cambria. I’ve been kind of MIA lately. I know it’s not the first time I’ve posted an apology like this, but I’ve just been busy lately being all in love and having the time of my life with this one guy. Some call him Chewy. Some call him Jared. On the serious I love him and he is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and we have been having a blasty blast together.

This was on the 4th of July… one of both of our favorite holidays!!! I wish I could upload the video I took of him shaking his money-maker for some patriotic Mardi Gras beads from the Taco Time float in the K-town parade, but I can’t. I don’t think. And, I know we are blurry in the pic and the car behind us is in focus, but we were on the scooter, so I say it’s cool.


I decided to include a couple somewhat unrelated photos because I think they are funny:

First off: We belong to a dinner group we like to call “The Old Ladies Club.” Which is ironic because most members are mid-to-late-twenty-something aged dudes. This last week at Mo Bettah Steaks in Bounty town, my friend Chase made an insightful observation to the vacant space next to the Hawaiian bbq place we were eating at. “What kind of company was this? And is it any wonder they are out of business? And, look guys, you could see it and feel it, but then you had to buy it before you could smell it. Weird.” The world may never know, Chase.

Lastly, I generally like to keep my blog pretty family friendly and PG, but does anyone else see anything wrong with this robot??? This is a pattern that I came across and… um. Why??? Why would you make this for your child? Either someone is super sick in the head or someone made a very unfortunate oversight.

Peace and blessins, peace and blessins.


P.S. Remind me to tell you about the time Jared and I were lighting sparklers and Kodi dog tried to eat one and burned his face. It was super funny and then super sad.


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Who me? Um… busy. Perdón. Being a grown-up is time-consuming.


Having fun is also time-consuming.

I’ll recap the fun part of the past three months (because we all know the grown-up part isn’t all that thrilling).

August: Quick Cali trip. And by quick, I mean quick. The trip clocked in at exactly 48 hours and 24 of those hours were spent driving. But I did get some of this:

And spent some time with these ladies (this pic may or may not have been taken when we ran out of gas a few miles outside of Las Vegas at 4 am):

And here are a few more gems from the trip for your viewing pleasure:

In September I hit up Bear Lake with a bunch of crazy cats:

And had fun:

This says: “Cambria rocks the Bear Lake universe yea” And that’s a fact, according to Jared.

Photobomb courtesy Abe.

Apparently the boys had too much fun.

Let’s finish this post off with some grilled peaches.


Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my cruise to the Bahama’s and my first trip ever to Lake Powell!

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 I like to cheat on my blog sometimes. Partly because I’m lazy and partly because I have amazing blogging friends who work word wonders. Like my bff Aubrey, for example. I’m going to cheat on my blog with her blog. Again. Sorry blog, it’s not my fault Aub can spin beautiful webs of words.

But before I do, I must tell you about the second most amazing moment of my life so far. As some of you may know, I love President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints. I know it’s probably not very righteous to have a favorite apostle, but I do. So deal with it. Saturday morning I was enjoying the Days of ’47 Parade with Aubrey and Michelle, Aub’s mom and bro and my mom and dad and bro when all of the sudden, we saw President Uchtdorf coming up the parade route in a convertible. I got really, really excited to see him. Like, really excited. 

Remember last year when he sat by my fam and I? Pure awesomeness.

Anyway, back to the story at hand. SO, there I am, really excited and I get this great idea for Aub, Michelle and I to yell “WE LOVE YOU” to Pres. Uchtdorf. So we did. Because we’re five. At this point he turned to look at us. We were all cheering, but I was probably going a little spastic cause he is my favorite.

Then it happened. PRESIDENT UCHTDORF POINTED DIRECTLY AT ME AND WAVED!!! I’m not even kidding. I kinda freaked out with excitement and I’m pretty sure he laughed at me. It was amazing. And do you wanna know what makes it even more amazing? You see, I have this incredibly on the ball friend Aubrey who was taking pictures of the parade. She got a picture of the exact moment he pointed at me! I think I might frame it and hang it in my house somewhere.

(Insert angelic choir singing)

Thanks Aub-face!

Now, if you would like to read about the shenanigans leading up to this moment (and if you’d like to find out the reason why the word “homeless” is in the title) go to Aubrey‘s blog here.

If you would like to see a cute picture of siad shenanigans on Michelle‘s blog, go here.


Current NFS:

 Love Today, by Mika

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I seriously love my family.

My brothers can make me laugh and laugh till tears are streaming down my face and I find my hidden six-pack-abs.

On Fathers Day this year, two of my brothers and I sang an impromptu song for my sweet daddy. They put me in charge of the “Oh-la-la-la’s” because I can’t sing (which you will quickly learn) or play the guitar. Mike is guitar-playing and Collin is singing.

Annnd… this might not be funny to you, but  it’s funny to me and this is my blog, so deal with it! 🙂

Love you, daddy!

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The sun is shining today… resulting in my mind racing to think of all the things I want to do this summer. I need to write them all down, a summer fun check-list, if you will. Some of these things I have the means to do all on my own, some I will need to do some persuading of my friends and friends-of-friends. Ha. If you have a cool connection, watch out… ima be after YOU!

  • Bear Lake
  • Mountain biking (I think I might love it)
  • Triathlon
  • Something Corporate Concert with Aubrey
  • Movies under the stars at the State Capitol
  • Twilight Concert Series
  • Take lots of photos
  • SLC Farmers Market by bicycle with Michelle
  • Lake Powell
  • Picnics
  • Scooter rides
  • Volleyball at Barns Park
  • The drive-in
  • Bee’s baseball games… with a hot dog
  • Farmington Festival Days 5k
  • Lagoon
  • Lagoon-A-Beach
  • Alpine slide
  • Kaysville 4th of July 5k
  • Pioneer Day Parade downtown
  • Cherry Hill
  • Salt Lake Arts Festival
  • Batting cages
  • Institute
  • Play a round of golf
  • Long Saturday runs with my Kodi-dog
  • Make homemade lemonade
  • Camp up Farmington Canyon
  • Go fishing
  • Adams Canyon hiking
  • Fireworks
  • Martins Cove with my ward
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Mow my lawn
  • Layout in the sunshine
  • Float the Weber River
  • Roast mallows

That’s all I got so far… I’m determined to get them all done! Who wants to help me?

Current NFS:

Color TV, by Mudbison (thanks, Aub. Totally stuck in my head)

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This past weekend was probably the best Memorial Day weekend of my life.  So. Fun. Not even kidding. Epic. Majestic. Physical. Hot. Adventurous. Exciting. Okay, I had better start backing this up with some facts… And I will! But first I need to warn you, this is just a teaser post. I really wanted to write a fun post about all my weekend details, but I don’t have my camera with me. SO, you’re going to get a few gems from my Blackberry, just enough to wet your appetite for more.


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He loves me.

Beau and I had a wonderful Valentines day. We celebrated on Saturday night and it was simply perfect.

Hello… do you SEE THOSE??? Love, love. love them. ♥  The best part would have to be the fact that the vase is full of chocolate. I can’t make this stuff up. CHOCOLATE. Awesome.

We headed to the Gateway and Beau surprised me with a visit to the Build A Bear Workshop! I spotted a Jack Russell Terrier that looked like My Kodiak… of course I had to get him.

Allow me to introduce you to Kodiak Jr.

Isn’t he darling? He has a sound maker in his paw so he barks, and I got him a scarf and a bone and rope toy.

Beau got a wolf named Hogan who had a striped button up shirt with a vest and sunglasses. He’s classy.

It was fun to break out our inner children for a night.

We had so much fun at Build A Bear that we didn’t have time for dinner at Z Tejas so we hit up the Costa Vida. So yum.

We finished the evening with a viewing of Dear John… it was really good. And mushy. And romantic. And Valentines-ey.

It was most of all fun to spend some time with Beau… and I had to tell you all about how much fun I had! He did good.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentines/Singles Awareness/Buy Yourself a Shirt Day!

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Here’s to hoping your day is full of love.

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Here’s to a happy 2010!

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I love snow as much as the next snowboarding, Best Snow on Earth, Utah born and raised snow bunny, but come on!!!  Where were all the snow plows this morning? 

(*note: As I’ve mentioned before I work at a hospital.  This hospital (like ssoooooo many others) has limited parking but we have a parking terrace a block north and ride a shuttle bus to the hospital campus.  Because I’m a good employee I do this even though it’s a pain and technically could park in the parking lot if I so pleased.) 

Back to this morning… lovely beautiful white fluffy snow :). On the roads :(. I was slipping and sliding all over the place this morning. I swear we have snowplows for this kind of thing. I got to the terrace only to find my spot occupied… along with every single spot surrounding it.  Boo.  I circle up all 6 levels of the parking terrace only to find car after car parked in stall after stall.  Where do all you people park when the weather is nice????  I stopped counting double parked cars after the sixth one.  Who do you think you are?  I circled all the way back down the terrace and backtracked to the hospital to park in a perfectly snowy spot in the north 4o, trekked through the snow in my heals, entered the hospital at the opposite end from my office, punched in, and began the walk through the hospital feeling rather Mr. Scrooge-ish (that’s what I call a run-on sentence). All of the sudden something pierced through my grumpy state… children’s voices singing Christmas songs. 

“Here come Santa Clause, here come Santa Clause, right down Santa Clause Lane…”

A phone picture was the best I could do, but aren’t they darling?  I stopped with the small crowd of employees, volunteers and visitors to listen to the rest of their song and joined the the applause once they finished. They completely turned my day around… thank you children for spreading the spirit of Christmas to this Scrooge!

Now it’s time to listen to the Christmas playlist I made last year while I work.  I haven’t had time to update the songs that don’t work anymore, but there are still plenty of fantastic Christmas tracks on there.

Merry Christmas, readers!  And remember… be good because “Santa Clause is coming to town!”

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