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Did that just happen? 2009, I mean. Like, the whole year.


January: Spent zero dollars on clothing. That’s a fact.

February: Visited Michelle in Nebraska! Who would have ever thought I would visit Nebraska… not me. But it was awesome. Started Sweet Somethings with my momma.

March: Went to the Festival of Colors with Aub Bob. Won a photo shoot! Dressed up in 80’s garb and danced the night away.

April: Bought Screamin’ Mimi… aka my scooter. I love her.

May: Happy birthday to me! I got my adorable bicycle, Gigi. Ran my second ever half marathon. Bought my Nikon D60.

June: One word: Hawaii. I don’t even care about anything else that happened in June.

July: I love July. I love the 4th of July. I also love the 24th of July because I live in Utah. July holidays = Bliss.

August: Hong Kong. Macau. Bangkok, Thailand. Epic adventures.

September: Started a photography class, chopped my hair. I love both.

October: Took lots of pictures. Dressed up as a bumble bee.

November: Turkey, mashed, stuffed, etc. Times two.

December: Said good-bye to Elder Nash. Hello house fire. Christmas. New Year’s Eve.

If you’re lucky I’ll post about how I did on my goals for 2009 and fill you in on my goals for 2010. But only if you’re lucky.

Love you all!

xoxo Cambria


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So, I’ve been in Utah for about 42 hours now.  It’s nice to be home.  I have so much I want to write about I don’t know where to start!  Also, I tried to get my pictures from my camera to my computer yesterday and failed.  SO, you will all need to share a little patience with me.  My friends Amber & Ty were, however, able to get some pictures up on Facebook… so I’m gonna steal a few to give you a taste of what is to come!


The is much, much more to come!!!

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Let me state the obvious and say, there are lots of things that are different here in Asia then they are back at home.  Some are good differences, some are bad, and some I simply can’t decide.  I’ve complied a list of pros and cons and procons to life in Asia from my experiences thus far.


  • Hi-Chew.  Yes, I know it’s a Japanese candy but they have it in Hong Kong and that makes my tastebuds oh-so-happy!
  • Pocky Sticks.  Another delight for my taste buds.  I’m pretty sure there is stuff very similar to this in the U.S. but part of what makes these little snack so delightful is the fact that they are called “Pocky Sticks.”
  • The church is still true!  I LOVE attending church anywhere out of Utah.  Church today was incredible… this little branch in Macau nearly brought me to tears… and I’m not a cryer.
  • Scooters:  Me and Screamin’ Mimi would be right at home.
  • Playing with wild monkeys:  No explanation needed.


  • Humidity.  I’ve decided I’m definitely a desert dweller.  California and Hawaii aren’t too bad, but I tell you this is something else!  I hate being wet and/or sweaty and/or sticky.  Heavy air is no bueno for me.
  • Dirty/Stinky/Rundown:  I love the cleanliness of Utah.
  • Water:  I like the ease of drinking water right out the tap.
  • Chicken:  I like white meat chicken without skin.
  • Communism.


  • Labeling:  Everything is labeled, just in case you didn’t know to step up when you get to the stairs.
  • Fashion: Some people look super cool.  The rest look like they didn’t look at what they put on.  I can’t decide if I’d like looking cooler then all the people who didn’t look at what they put on, or try to complete with those that look cooler then me.  Vacation apperal doesn’t count towards my coolness factor.
  • Order:  Or the lack thereof.  The Chinese have no sense of order.  They don’t walk on the right side, or the left side… they walk on any side of the sidewalk.  And if, say, you are at a buffet, everyone races for whatever they want… no lines!  It’s madness, I tell you.

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Update: AUGUST 2nd!

August 31st, I’ll be going here:






I’m trying not to count but I can’t help it.

Current NFS:

Sugarcane, by Missy Higgins

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