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Hi guys. It’s me, Cambria. I’ve been kind of MIA lately. I know it’s not the first time I’ve posted an apology like this, but I’ve just been busy lately being all in love and having the time of my life with this one guy. Some call him Chewy. Some call him Jared. On the serious I love him and he is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and we have been having a blasty blast together.

This was on the 4th of July… one of both of our favorite holidays!!! I wish I could upload the video I took of him shaking his money-maker for some patriotic Mardi Gras beads from the Taco Time float in the K-town parade, but I can’t. I don’t think. And, I know we are blurry in the pic and the car behind us is in focus, but we were on the scooter, so I say it’s cool.


I decided to include a couple somewhat unrelated photos because I think they are funny:

First off: We belong to a dinner group we like to call “The Old Ladies Club.” Which is ironic because most members are mid-to-late-twenty-something aged dudes. This last week at Mo Bettah Steaks in Bounty town, my friend Chase made an insightful observation to the vacant space next to the Hawaiian bbq place we were eating at. “What kind of company was this? And is it any wonder they are out of business? And, look guys, you could see it and feel it, but then you had to buy it before you could smell it. Weird.” The world may never know, Chase.

Lastly, I generally like to keep my blog pretty family friendly and PG, but does anyone else see anything wrong with this robot??? This is a pattern that I came across and… um. Why??? Why would you make this for your child? Either someone is super sick in the head or someone made a very unfortunate oversight.

Peace and blessins, peace and blessins.


P.S. Remind me to tell you about the time Jared and I were lighting sparklers and Kodi dog tried to eat one and burned his face. It was super funny and then super sad.


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See??? I told you!

She. Is. Incredible.

And a perk of being roommates/bffs with an art student is getting your portrait drawn.

She is in business if you’re looking for an awesome gift.

Check out her art here.

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One of the perks of working at a Quilt Shop is getting the chance to attend the International Quilt Market which (lucky for me!) was held in Salt Lake City last weekend.

I was in heaven.

I went to a class taught by Amy Butler on Thursday, then on Friday I met her!

(and she told my friend Sig and I that she liked our outfits and that we were really cute!!! Ahhhhh I almost died).

Saw Sandi Henderson’s boot which was simply to die-for-adorable:

Went to a class taught by Joel Dewberry (and his darling wife) on Thursday and met them on Friday as well! I told him how in love I was with his Aviary 2 line (the grey and mustard colorway) and showed him which pieces I was planning on using for the drapes in my bedroom and which I was planning on using for my bedskirt. I think they liked me 😉

So… Joel talked his wife into designing dress patterns… isn’t this dress adorable? I’m going to make it. And the chair. Swoon.

Also went to a class by Anna Maria Horner. LOVE HER. Look at this adorable peasant top she has coming out soon:

Needless to say I was on Cloud Nine.

I also went to a class by Heather Bailey (who announced she is pregnant!) and showed off party supplies that will be available in her adorable designs. Lila Tuller who used laminated fabric in the most adorable ways… cute patterns to come! Michael Miller designers, Riley Blake designers and much more!

P.S. All of these images belong to the amazing photographer, Sigrid Larsen.

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So… I’m still trying to impress my bf. I want him to keep thinking I’m an amazing catch. I may be picking up around the house, working out in the yard, trying to look fresh at all times, etc. just to keep him interested. On my list of impressive-things-to-do is learn to cook amazing and unique food. You see, his mom and sister are practically master chefs. I don’t even know if that’s a real term, but they are that legit. I’m intimidated.

So check it: Once I happened to be making spaghetti so I could use up some left over veggies from this one time I had peeps over for home-made pizza. (I feel like I should explain that my mom made the pizza dough, so you don’t get all up in my grill about saying I don’t cook then spitting out two awesome meals I concocted). Anyway, the bf was getting out of class and gave me a call and asked what I was doing. I told him I was making spaghetti (spaghetti because I don’t need to impress myself with food). I ended up inviting him over to have some. Now, lemme take this opportunity to explain that this isn’t just noodles-and-sauce spaghetti, I added veggies people! And I think I even sautéed some chicken. It was as good as spaghetti gets. Well, he mentioned to his lovely madre that he was heading over to my house because I made him spaghetti. She wasn’t impressed. Anyone can make spaghetti. Eff!!! I wasn’t prepared! The spaghetti was just for me and it just happened to work out that he was available and hungry when I was cooking. Spaghetti was not the first impression meal I wanted to make. But… whatev. It was delicious. Impressive or not.

Fast forward to last Wednesday night. We made plans to watch RSL Soccer (did anyone see that game??? Awesome outcome for us!). I had a plan stirring in my head to impress him with delicious food. I wanted to make risotto. Risotto is delicious and I hear people say it’s kinda intimidating cause you have to stir the risotto for like 30 min or whatever. NBD, baby! So I printed off this recipe and he met me at the store to collect the cooking goods. Required ingredients, four boxes of crackers, one gallon of milk and a couple awkward moments (we simply can’t go to any store without something awkward happening) and we were on our way home and getting ready to cook. He is a champ and cooked with me. It was fun! And we nailed it! And the best part may have been that his mom called while we were cooking… I kept yelling “Jocine, we’re cooking! And it’s not spaghetti!” Then I’d say “Babe, tell her I’m cooking good food.” Maybe she was impressed? I don’t really know. I’d like to think I redeemed myself a smidgen.

Here’s the proof:

Jared cooking

Cam cooking

The result! Delicioso!

Oh, and I should mention that we added tilapia. I think it made the dish.

Happy cooking!

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So… I know I’ve been pretty MIA lately, I know. Deepest apologies. How about I make up for it by posting the last 10 pictures I’ve taken with the Vignette app on my phone? Deal? I’ll start with the most recent.


Um… HELLO why didn’t anyone tell me there is a Jimmy John’s right by my work? I discovered it on my way back from watching a recording of a vaginal birth and a c-section birth with a bunch of high schoolers. Cross THAT one off the bucket list.


On Tuesday, Jared and I went to the Carl Block exhibit at BYU. I snuck this picture during the drive down. The exhibit was incredible, touching, faith building, awe-inspiring. I loved it. And I loved that Jared and I can do things like that together!


Haha, this picture makes me laugh! I was naughty and took it during the rest hymn at church last Sunday. It’s really blurry because I was laughing when I tried to sneak it. You see, Jordan (left), and Chase (second from left) refused to sing. I kept poking them and tugging at my ear to show that I wanted them to sing louder. Jordan obliged, Chase did not. Oh, and hi Michelle! Love that girl.


Last Saturday Jared and I went to the Real game… it was FREEZING but SO MUCH FUN! Real played LA Galaxy (that Beckham dude plays for them) and apparently our 4-1 win was a big deal. I decided soccer games are awesomely rowdy with glitter, confetti, streamers, drums and chants. Just my style.


DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!!! What does it mean?? Okay, it was a single rainbow, but still.


Hold the press. Aren’t my new curtains STELLAR? Got the drapes from IKEA for like $15 for two. Then I had to jazz them up, so I did! I have to say, they look much more adorable now, cause they are tied, but you kinda get the idea here. Oh, and I have given that sad plant a hair cut since I took this pic, so it doesn’t have brown tips anymore. In related news, these curtains deserve their own post. I’ll do that.

Okay… I’m cheating a little. Here is a closer look at the fabric band I sewed on (wait, my mom sewed, but I cut them all!). This doesn’t count as one of my pics, okay? It’s my bloggy I do what I want!


I work at an awesome fabric store a couplefew (that’s a word, right?) days a week. This is an accidental picture from work. I kept it cause I think it’s kind of awesome.


Pretty snow! Can I just say I get suuuuuper annoyed when people complain about snow in March? It’s MARCH people! I’m pretty sure March is still winter… annnnnd I’m sure if I’m wrong, someone will tell me. Anyway, I love snow. I think it’s beautiful. As Jared would say “Tons of new freshie stashes up in the mountains to rip!”


Sometimes I like to take pictures of scriptures and sometimes I like to send them to Jared. This one I sent last week sometime. It’s a keeper, don’t you think? Alma 36:3 Learn more here.


My cute friend Sig deep conditioned my hair the other week. I posted this picture on the good old Facebook with the caption “To infinity, and beyond!” Facebook showed the loved.


There you have it! Don’t say I never gave you anything.

P.S. It’s fried eggs, fried eggs!!!

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I have a problem, folks

I’m trapped in the middle of a nasty, vicious, dirty love triangle.


I love two men.


They are aware of each other, and they absolutely DO NOT like each other.

There has been biting, whining, foul language, you name it.


I wish we could all just get along.

You know, spend quality time together.

I had high hopes that it could happen, but I’m beginning to believe there is no hope.


One has been by my side, through thick and thin, for over four years.

The other has stolen my heart and swept me off my feet.


What’s a girl to do???


I drew a diagram to help my readers understand the tragic predicament I am in:


Why can’t my dog and my boyfriend just love each other already???


Me and Kodi dog.


Me and Jared.



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how you know

Wanna know how a girl know’s she has the best boyfriend OF ALL TIME???


It might be that he takes you to the Monster Truck Rally.

It might be that he makes you laugh 24/7.

It might be that he calls your roommate “Food Network” cause he can’t remember her name.

It might also be that he and the aforementioned roommate have agreed to have a “bro-mance.”

It might be that he writes you love letters when he takes his mom to Vegas for Christmas.

It might be that your mom wants to steal his Presidential Chia Pet.

It might be that he pretends like he knew who you were in high school cause you had English together and he thought you were super cute. (FYI, we did not have English together.)

It might be that he totally gets you.

It might be that he watches Jersey Shore with you and your other roommate and laughs at the insanity then vows to never watch it again, though you know he will be on your couch next week doing the exact same thing.

It might be that you’ve dated before, but this time there is nothing holding either of you back.

It might be that he loves the gospel.

It might be that he watches you pay your bills, helps you dismantle your Christmas tree and box it up, then lets you fall asleep on the couch… only to text you when he gets home: “Thanks for the amazing night! Probably one of the best nights of my life!” And he meant it.

It might be that, on your first date (the second time around) he inadvertently calls you a “slut.”

It might be that he makes you feel like you’re worth it.

It might be that he flips your dog the bird when he thinks you’re not looking.

It might be that you can talk with him about anything. And I mean anything.

 It might be the fact that he harasses you relentlessly about wearing a “pirate” shirt and a sweater vest.

It might be that he makes you the happiest you can remember being.


It might be that he’s perfect… for me.

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I don’t know how these Mormon Messages do it, but they always seem to tell me exactly what I need to hear at the exact moment I need to hear it.

 “She probably didn’t give it any consideration that her future could be better than her past.”

Whoa Nelly.

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I won tickets in the Mormon Lottery (AKA the drawing for Mormon Tabernacle Chior Christmas concert tickets). They were for the Sunday morning Music and the Spoken word show, so last Sunday morning my mom, dad, brother Mike and I headed down to SLC in the early morning hours. We heard we should be early so our seats wouldn’t be given away so… early we were. Early enough, in fact, to stand outside for almost an hour. In the pouring rain. Good thing I was a girl scout (that was a lie) and came prepared with an umbrella. One. Umbrella. My mom, dad, brother Mike and I huddled under my one umbrella and tried to stay as dry as four adults could possibly stay under one umbrella. Oh, and did I mention I was super sick? I sounded like a frog-man hybrid. I don’t know why I just told you that, but I did. So there we were huddling and laughing and trying to keep our spirits up when I got a brilliant idea. I whipped out my phone and downloaded “Umbrella” by Rhiana and began to play it. Without hesitation… my mom, dad and brother Mike and I all started dancing. Under my one umbrella. Early Sunday morning. Waiting in line for the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert.

I love my family.

This is a really bad cell phone pic of the moment.

I wanted to post the music video for that song, but Rhiana is wearing nothing but silver paint for half of the video and I figured that wouldn’t be appropriate for my family friendly blog. So… you get the Singin’ in the Rain/Umbrella Glee mix instead. Still awesome.

Also, might I add:

 This year the guest performers were David Archuleta and Michael York. Awes! The concert was simply amazing. Breath taking. Spectacular. I loved it. D. Archie sang the most incredibly beautiful rendition of Silent Night I have ever, in my 27 years, been blessed to hear. I can’t wait for the album to come out next Christmas so I can listen to it over and over again.

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So what if I’m over two months late in posting about my cruise to the Bahama’s with Ambler? Sue me. 😉

Better late then not at all… and it true Cam form, I’ll keep the words short and the pictures… long. I guess.

Leaving Miami

A little kayaking adventure we went on… it was GORGEOUS.

A few miles away from one of the filming locations for Pirates of the Caribbean.


Those dark clouds behind me are part of this little damper we like to call  Tropical Storm Nicole headed our way.



Night out on the ship!


Alright folks… I think that’s enough for one post. I made it through the first two days 🙂


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