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In May, I ran this. It was my third time, and every time my feet suffer. Blisters, bleeding, pain, purple toenails… none are a stranger to my feet in the weeks and months following the race. Never, never ever have my feet seen such an atrocity as what they faced this morning though. You see… for a while now, the toe next to my big toe (do particular toes have particular names?) on my left foot has been sporting a wiggly toenail. Just like a loose tooth. I could pull it back and forth and shake it around a bit.

It all started with that race, my toenail turned a blackish purple in the days following. This is normal, it’s happened every time I’ve run this race. Give that a couple of weeks and I can clean out the blackish purple gunk. Sorry. Some of you might be dry heaving now. BUT, once it’s clean it’s totally legit. Just wiggily. Not gross looking at all… unless I wiggle it for you because some people don’t like that kind of stuff. But I do. Anyway… this happened last year and the year before and it just kept growing out and in no time it was business as usual. Not this year. Maybe I wiggled it too much? IDK, but I do know that I have now joined the ranks of the freaks. The bearded ladies (ahem), the double jointed, the stretchy skinned, the Siamese twins… freaks. My deepest apologies if you fall into any of those categories and don’t appreciate being called a freak, but you’re in good company so don’t feel too bad. 🙂

You probably know what’s coming next…. yes, my toenail fell off. Weird! What am I supposed to do if I want to wear sandals or a pair of sexy peep-toed heels? I just don’t know. My co-worker suggested I just paint my toe… it just might work. Maybe I should just embrace being a freak?  Probably. 

 P.S. Yes, that is my foot on my desk at work. Bahaha.


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Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliott


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The sun is shining today… resulting in my mind racing to think of all the things I want to do this summer. I need to write them all down, a summer fun check-list, if you will. Some of these things I have the means to do all on my own, some I will need to do some persuading of my friends and friends-of-friends. Ha. If you have a cool connection, watch out… ima be after YOU!

  • Bear Lake
  • Mountain biking (I think I might love it)
  • Triathlon
  • Something Corporate Concert with Aubrey
  • Movies under the stars at the State Capitol
  • Twilight Concert Series
  • Take lots of photos
  • SLC Farmers Market by bicycle with Michelle
  • Lake Powell
  • Picnics
  • Scooter rides
  • Volleyball at Barns Park
  • The drive-in
  • Bee’s baseball games… with a hot dog
  • Farmington Festival Days 5k
  • Lagoon
  • Lagoon-A-Beach
  • Alpine slide
  • Kaysville 4th of July 5k
  • Pioneer Day Parade downtown
  • Cherry Hill
  • Salt Lake Arts Festival
  • Batting cages
  • Institute
  • Play a round of golf
  • Long Saturday runs with my Kodi-dog
  • Make homemade lemonade
  • Camp up Farmington Canyon
  • Go fishing
  • Adams Canyon hiking
  • Fireworks
  • Martins Cove with my ward
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Mow my lawn
  • Layout in the sunshine
  • Float the Weber River
  • Roast mallows

That’s all I got so far… I’m determined to get them all done! Who wants to help me?

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Color TV, by Mudbison (thanks, Aub. Totally stuck in my head)

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Did that just happen? 2009, I mean. Like, the whole year.


January: Spent zero dollars on clothing. That’s a fact.

February: Visited Michelle in Nebraska! Who would have ever thought I would visit Nebraska… not me. But it was awesome. Started Sweet Somethings with my momma.

March: Went to the Festival of Colors with Aub Bob. Won a photo shoot! Dressed up in 80’s garb and danced the night away.

April: Bought Screamin’ Mimi… aka my scooter. I love her.

May: Happy birthday to me! I got my adorable bicycle, Gigi. Ran my second ever half marathon. Bought my Nikon D60.

June: One word: Hawaii. I don’t even care about anything else that happened in June.

July: I love July. I love the 4th of July. I also love the 24th of July because I live in Utah. July holidays = Bliss.

August: Hong Kong. Macau. Bangkok, Thailand. Epic adventures.

September: Started a photography class, chopped my hair. I love both.

October: Took lots of pictures. Dressed up as a bumble bee.

November: Turkey, mashed, stuffed, etc. Times two.

December: Said good-bye to Elder Nash. Hello house fire. Christmas. New Year’s Eve.

If you’re lucky I’ll post about how I did on my goals for 2009 and fill you in on my goals for 2010. But only if you’re lucky.

Love you all!

xoxo Cambria

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I missed the whole posting about Thanksgiving thing. I just watched this video and had the overwhelming feeling to share what I am thankful for.  Watch this simple, funny and heartwarming video and enjoy a short list of what I am thankful for in my life.

my dad, my mom, my health, the gospel, Collin & Jennise, Kodi, my friends, my education and two wonderful jobs, Michael, fall leaves, my car and scooter, Bishop Murray, Britton, ward friends, the opportunity to travel, Aubrey, the internet, Diet Coke, cell phones, four seasons, sushi, cute fabric, sunshine, the Brezoff family, snowflakes, Beau, chartreuse green, my grandparents, Lisa, the atonement, my bed, the ability to run,  the Book of Mormon, warm showers, chocolate, music, photography

I hope you all had a splendid Thanksgiving.

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I’ve been sneaking into Aubrey’s gym with her for the past couple weeks.  I usually run on the treadmill but the other night my brother Mike came with us and he helped me bench press.  I can bench press 80 pounds.  Probably more impressive is that I can leg press 380 pounds (probably more but that’s as high as the machine would go).

Sorry, I got distracted from my original story.  This gym that I sneak into is a 24 hour gym and when we go late at night, we are generally there alone.  Last night I did my run and decided I wanted to work my arms a bit. So I did.  Then I saw the shiny ab machine. I was calling to me to use it. I couldn’t resist.  I sat in it, tucked my feet behind the big cushioned foot bar, grabbed the handles above my head and simultaneously  pull down with my arms and pulled up with my legs.  The whole contraption moved, including my seat and next thing I knew I was folded like a taco with  my nose between my knees.  I started laughing uncontrollably and tried to unfold myself.  I failed.  I started laughing even harder and yelled to Aubrey for assistance.  I couldn’t see her, but I know the instant she saw me because she exploded in hysterics.  She asked me what I was doing and I informed her that the ab machine had a death grip on me and I was stuck.  She help me out with what seemed like no effort and I jumped away from that blasted ab machine.

I guess the joke is on the ab machine cause I laughed so hard my abs were sore.  BUT, this isn’t over yet… I will one day master the ab machine.

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day one: was all I could do to stay at work. left 30 minutes early. last minute packing and picked up Aubrey. walmart. gas. driiiiiiiiiivvvvvvveeeee to st. george. chill with Elsie for a bit. made the Taco Bell guy’s night. sleep.

day two: drive to Vegas. got hit on buy a car full of senior-tripping boys.  one of them rolled down his window to show me his nipple.  yelled back that I was old enough to be his mother (a stretch… but still). lost exactly one dollar on the slots. received phone call from Angie explaining their flight left without them.  boo to United Airlines. toured LAX to kill time. ate dessert in under 6 minutes.  arrive in the Kona Airport… it’s outdoors.  kinda cool.  couldn’t pick up the rental car I rented because I put in under Angie’s name… who was still in SLC… boo to Expedia and Budget.  check into our condo… pretty sweet.  buy some food.  sleep.

day three: got lei’d in church. finally!  found a temple. got owned by the ocean and made everyone at the beach’s day simultaneously. picked up Angie and Mandy at the airport. party. sleep.

day four: went for a morning run along the ocean.  love.  rented boogie boards and snorkel gear. got talked into going to a time share meeting for $150 cash money and discounts for the whole group. met scuba steve thanks to Elsie. went snorkeling. loved snorkeling. glamour shots on the beach with the girls.  was serenaded by Isreal.  bought Isreal’s CD. ate some fancy Ono fish and a flower and some POG juice. sleep.

day five: was insulted at the time share meeting.  got kicked out of the time share meeting. went to the beach. sliced my ankle on some lava rock.  more snorkeling. watched a turtle on the beach. tried to catch some rays.  shared some delicious Scandinavian shave ice. kayaked to British territory to see Captain Cook’s Monument. picked up some white coral off the bottom of the ocean while snorkeling. was surrounded my a hundred dancing dolphins in my kayak.  most breathtaking moment of. my. life. run to the beach to catch the sunset. dinner at the island grill. watched some islander’s play volleyball. walked home. sleep.

day six: rode on a bus aaaalllllllllll the way around the island. never turned down so much free kona coffee in my life. visited a Hawaiian sweet bread bakery… ohhhh heaven. went as far south as I have ever been. stood on a black sand beach. ate lunch with a volcano. walked through a lava tube. visited the mauna loa macadamia nut factory. candy shop. waterfalls. condo. wandered around kona looking for dinner at 10:30 pm with Aubrey.  everything’s closed.  some guys pulled over and showed us a sushi place to eat. yum. played wing-woman for Aubrey and hung out with the guys after sushi… against my gut instinct.  no i will not make out with you, island boy. i said no. freak out. called Beau… all better. it’s late. sleep.

day seven: made myself a lei. learned to hula. relaxed by the pool. tried not to be so white. luau on the beach? yes, please.

day eight: got myself a henna tattoo. loved it. still love it. checked out the Kona farmer’s market. met Gary on the street.  called him a hippie… he’s not a hippie, he’s a gypsy.  apparently mixing the two up is insulting. more Scandinavian shave ice with Angie. boogie boarding on a gorgeous white sand beach. perfect sunset.  hit up LuLu’s for some dancing. met  Hugo.  he’s a puerto rican living in Hawaii. random. we become buddies and take pictures in the parking lot.  his cousin is wasted and doesn’t know English as well as Hugo. i’m sorry…. i’m drink. laugh. out. loud.  in bed at 3 am.

day nine: wake up at 6.  three hours of sleep… great.  slept through the 2 hour drive to waipio valley for horseback riding.  tour guide makes me a little uncomfortable.  Coco the horse treated me good.  waipio valley=gorgeous.  our tour guide intentionally hits a tourists car  along a cliff for not yielding to him. a huge verbal blowup ensues.  i’m terrified for my life.  knew i didn’t like that tour guide. back to the condo to pack. last chance to shop. ate a hamburger as big as my face at Splasher’s.  watched the ocean for one last time… surf was amazing. one last Scandinavian shave ice with the girls.  laid on top of Aubrey and Angie in our rental car… my seat was occupied by luggage.  hate the kona airport.

day ten: sleeping pills on the flight to LAX. sleep at LAX. almost missed our flight to Vegas… when did they change the gate?  sleep to Vegas. Elsie’s dad takes the scenic route around Vegas toward st. george. try to sleep in the car.  two hour nap at Elsie’s. head for home. In-n-Out in st. george?  pull over. mmmmmm. forgot some stuff at Elsie’s… go back.  head out for real.  make the drive in 4 hours and 10 minutes including two potty stops. sleeeeeeeeeeeep.

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That was my official finish time for the Ogden Half.  Go me!!!  I ran this half 15 minutes faster then last year.  I didn’t stop running.  Not once.  I was SO HAPPY!!! 🙂  Next year, I’ll be even faster.  Remember how nervous I was?  You can read about it here, here and here.  I owe my stellar performance for all of you who prayed for me, as per my request.  You, my dear readers, rock my face off.

Now, for your visual enjoyment… some ripped off pictures from the race.  (I really don’t feel like paying $32.95 per picture for the digital file).




Mile 5-ish:



Mile 10-ish



Mile 13:



A huge squeeze and gracias goes out to Beau for waking up way, way, way early to drive me up to the start line.  My brothers Mike and Britton and my momma for greeting me at the finish line (even though I was way too fast so you missed my grand finish… I’ll forgive you).  And last but not least my dear sweet friends who hung out with me, Beau and my fam at the finish line for a while (you know who you are).


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Check Yes Juliet by, We the Kings

(this is a good running song)

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