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Remember how I wanted to get out of dodge?

Well… I am!

In exactly two weeks I will be here:

(Sorry about the ladies bum… but I really liked this picture)

THEN, in seven weeks I will be here:

The Golden Gate Bridge

Ahhh… how I love to travel. Wanna know what I’m probably most excited about??? Taking my camera with me on these trips! Hopefully I will come back with some gems like the pictures above (Like I’m even close to that skill level, but whatevs).

I’m a happy girl.


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Wow!  What a year!  2008 has been one for the history books.  Well, at least the history books of Cambria.  This year I:

Traveled to Chicago/Nauvoo with my family to pick up Mike!





Ran my first half marathon.




Went to San Fracisco with Erica.





Started dating Beau.


Won a Rock Band competition with my siblings.


Went to Flaming Gorge with my ward.



Went to So Cal to visit Amber and Ty with Beau.



Sold lots of lotions to friends and family.


Lots of what happened can be summed up in our 2008 Christmas card.


Okay so that was last year… now on to this year.  My resolutions are:

  • Beat my time (by a lot) at the Ogden Half.  I wanna get around 2 hr 15 min.  (Did I mention I’m a slow runner?)
  • Get out of debt and stay on a budget using this.
  • Complete a triathlon sprint.  Maybe a full tri.  We’ll see.
  • Move out by my birthday (sorry mom).
  • Abstain from buying any clothing for the month of January.  We’re taking this resolution one month at a time. Ha.
  • Grow my lotion business!

And that’s it.   Wish me luck!

Current NFS:

I don’t know!!

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P.S. I have a new boyfriend… his name is Beau and he is so so so adorable!!

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In San Francisco!  I flew in to Salt Lake International from from San Francisco yesterday afternoon.  That city is SO MUCH FUN!!  I went over and under the Golden Gate Bridge, was proposed to by a street performer painted in silver, trekked to the top of Lombard Street (it was SO STEEP!!!) and walked down, encountered the “Bushman“, was verbally attacked by a woman in the airport bathroom, stayed in an entirely blue room at Park Hotel (our room was no where NEAR as nice as the website makes it look), took a tour on Segway Scooters, went to the Japanese Tea Garden, ate the most delictable sourdough bread from Boudin, did NOT go to Alcatraz (crycrycry), rode the bus through Chinatown and didn’t dare get off, visited the Painted Ladies, found the house on Full House, visited the place where one of my best friend Erica was born in Presidio, saw the sights from Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill, bought a really sweet I {heart} SF tee shirt, and oh so much more!!!

Thank you Erica!!

Pictures coming soon…

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