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So… I’m still trying to impress my bf. I want him to keep thinking I’m an amazing catch. I may be picking up around the house, working out in the yard, trying to look fresh at all times, etc. just to keep him interested. On my list of impressive-things-to-do is learn to cook amazing and unique food. You see, his mom and sister are practically master chefs. I don’t even know if that’s a real term, but they are that legit. I’m intimidated.

So check it: Once I happened to be making spaghetti so I could use up some left over veggies from this one time I had peeps over for home-made pizza. (I feel like I should explain that my mom made the pizza dough, so you don’t get all up in my grill about saying I don’t cook then spitting out two awesome meals I concocted). Anyway, the bf was getting out of class and gave me a call and asked what I was doing. I told him I was making spaghetti (spaghetti because I don’t need to impress myself with food). I ended up inviting him over to have some. Now, lemme take this opportunity to explain that this isn’t just noodles-and-sauce spaghetti, I added veggies people! And I think I even sautéed some chicken. It was as good as spaghetti gets. Well, he mentioned to his lovely madre that he was heading over to my house because I made him spaghetti. She wasn’t impressed. Anyone can make spaghetti. Eff!!! I wasn’t prepared! The spaghetti was just for me and it just happened to work out that he was available and hungry when I was cooking. Spaghetti was not the first impression meal I wanted to make. But… whatev. It was delicious. Impressive or not.

Fast forward to last Wednesday night. We made plans to watch RSL Soccer (did anyone see that game??? Awesome outcome for us!). I had a plan stirring in my head to impress him with delicious food. I wanted to make risotto. Risotto is delicious and I hear people say it’s kinda intimidating cause you have to stir the risotto for like 30 min or whatever. NBD, baby! So I printed off this recipe and he met me at the store to collect the cooking goods. Required ingredients, four boxes of crackers, one gallon of milk and a couple awkward moments (we simply can’t go to any store without something awkward happening) and we were on our way home and getting ready to cook. He is a champ and cooked with me. It was fun! And we nailed it! And the best part may have been that his mom called while we were cooking… I kept yelling “Jocine, we’re cooking! And it’s not spaghetti!” Then I’d say “Babe, tell her I’m cooking good food.” Maybe she was impressed? I don’t really know. I’d like to think I redeemed myself a smidgen.

Here’s the proof:

Jared cooking

Cam cooking

The result! Delicioso!

Oh, and I should mention that we added tilapia. I think it made the dish.

Happy cooking!


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So…. I LOVE the Jazz.

Like, LOVE.

And I love Ronnie Price, very, very much.

I remember the moment I had a conversion of the heart to Jazz Basketball:

Watching that gives me chills, even now.


I love the Jazz. And so does Sig. Sig got some great tickets, so we donned our Jazz apparel and headed to Energy Solutions Arena last night with one unified goal:

Make it on the jumbotron.

 Guess what??? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! We made it onto this:

We obviously aren’t on it in that picture, because at the time we were too busy shaking what our momma’s gave us to take a picture of it.

But it happend.

You can ask Jess or Lindsay or Gen or Kristi, cause they were there and they saw it.

Oh, and we won! Take that, Sacramento.

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The sun is shining today… resulting in my mind racing to think of all the things I want to do this summer. I need to write them all down, a summer fun check-list, if you will. Some of these things I have the means to do all on my own, some I will need to do some persuading of my friends and friends-of-friends. Ha. If you have a cool connection, watch out… ima be after YOU!

  • Bear Lake
  • Mountain biking (I think I might love it)
  • Triathlon
  • Something Corporate Concert with Aubrey
  • Movies under the stars at the State Capitol
  • Twilight Concert Series
  • Take lots of photos
  • SLC Farmers Market by bicycle with Michelle
  • Lake Powell
  • Picnics
  • Scooter rides
  • Volleyball at Barns Park
  • The drive-in
  • Bee’s baseball games… with a hot dog
  • Farmington Festival Days 5k
  • Lagoon
  • Lagoon-A-Beach
  • Alpine slide
  • Kaysville 4th of July 5k
  • Pioneer Day Parade downtown
  • Cherry Hill
  • Salt Lake Arts Festival
  • Batting cages
  • Institute
  • Play a round of golf
  • Long Saturday runs with my Kodi-dog
  • Make homemade lemonade
  • Camp up Farmington Canyon
  • Go fishing
  • Adams Canyon hiking
  • Fireworks
  • Martins Cove with my ward
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Mow my lawn
  • Layout in the sunshine
  • Float the Weber River
  • Roast mallows

That’s all I got so far… I’m determined to get them all done! Who wants to help me?

Current NFS:

Color TV, by Mudbison (thanks, Aub. Totally stuck in my head)

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Did you know the Salt Lake Bees date back to the 1880’s??? I had no idea! Check out this sweet photo I found:

You can read (a little) about it here.

That being said, I’m stoked for some baseball tonight! First home game of the season, baby. Bring on the hot dogs (yes, I said hot dogs), the seventh inning stretch, the cheap lawn tickets and my friends.  Bring on summer!

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I have a bit of a congloberation of blogging thoughts today, so I’m going to touch on a little snippit of each of them.

  • I work at a hospital.  At this hospital I job share with Becki who I love and adore.  Becki and I are in charge of the Cultural Awareness Committee at this hospital, but let’s be honest here, Becki really does it all.  And she rocks at it, too.  On Monday of this week, Becki sent out a mass email about a speaker we are hosting next week.  (Becki and I are one of the select few that have rights to email everyone all at once.  It is a prized and coveted privilege, and I try to approach that privilege professionally… Do you know how intimidating it is to email 3,000 people- including upper management- with the click of one button?  Terrifying.)  SO, the Nurse Educator on labor and delivery called me on Tuesday and said “That email Becki sent yesterday, the attachment had a mistake in it.”  I told her I would fix it.  And I did.  I resent the email with a disclaimer to the correction which was: “Wednesday, November 12th and not Wednesday, November 11th.”  In the next five minutes I received about 20 emails full of confusion in response.  I checked it.  Oh crap, Wednesday is the 11th.  SO, I send one more correction apologizing and correcting the date once again, this time it read “Wednesday, November 11th.”   It wasn’t until two hours later that I realized, “Wednesday, November 11th” is how the email read originally.  I was supposed to correct the attachment Becki sent to that one Educator, not the mass email.  Sorry, 3,000 employees including uppper management for my blond-ness.  I’m now fearing they will take my coveted email privileges away.
  • Last night was Megan’s bridal shower thrown by Erica S. and Michelle A.  Michelle A. made us CD’s and I’m loving it at work today.  I mean LOVING it.  Here is the track list… I was going to include just a few but I couldn’t narrow it down so you get all of them. You will thank me for it.  abc, jackson five; all you need is love, the beatles; at last, etta james;  day too soon, sia; divide me, kalai; how sweet it is, james taylor; i feel the earth move, carole king; i walk the line, johnny cash; i was made for you, she & him; lover, devendra banhart; my girl, otis redding; oh boy!, buddy holly; real love, regina spektor, such great heights, iron & wine; sweet darlin’, she & him; til kingdom come, coldplay; you and i, ingrid michaelson; you are the best thing, ray lamontagne. 
  • This morning my mom called and asked for my Social Security Number. Naturally, I hesitated.  I can’t go around giving that number to just anybody! I inquired of her why she might need that number.  She responded that I am the main beneficiary if she dies; in which case I would be a very rich girl. I gladly and promptly recited my number for her and  asked her what her ETA to heaven was.  She instructed me that when that time comes, I am to divide the money equally between my brothers and I.  But, she also told me I could keep it all if I have more kids than everyone else.  And if one of my bro’s is rich like my Uncle Mark, they don’t get any of it.  Awesome.
  • My co-workers are a full of naughty influence.  Usually we order out for lunch on Friday’s, but today was the appetizer bar in the hospital cafe.  Thusly my lunch is consisting of three mozzarella sticks, one battered mushroom, two cheese tots, nine battered green beans, four chicken cordon bleu balls and three mini chicken quesadillas.  All were deep-fried with the exception of the quesadillas.  I’m dipping everything in marinara sauce or ranch… or both. UGH.
  • Tonight Beau starts hockey again!  This go-around they are Team Arby’s.  (I’m gonna try really hard to cheer for Arby’s… really hard)

*Editor’s note… I just noticed that one part of my post up there says “bleu balls” and that’s funny.  Wildly inappropriate, but funny.

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And if you don’t live in Utah, or eat fry sauce, I feel bad for you.  Even though fry sauce is delicious and is perfectly matched with my biggest guilty pleasure (fries), I do not plan on blogging about fry sauce today. Rather a different condiment, ketchup.  Or catch up. I kinda missed the whole month of May and lots happened that I wanted to blog about… so here’s a small re-cap:

Fisrst off let’s talk about Saturday, May 23.

Brian, Beau and I went golfing!  Well, Beau and Brian went golfing and I went golf cart driving, picture taking, and observing.  Those two are hilarious together.  And it was wayyyyyy early for a Saturday morning.



Picnik collage 

When I got home from golfing I found my family to be acting very suspiciously in the garage.  When I got out of the car they started singing Happy Birthday to me!  They had gotten me a present I’ve been wanting for a long, long time…


Isn’t she just adorable?  Her name is Gigi and her bell makes the perfect “ding-dong” sound like a doorbell and not like the “da-da-da-ling” bell on every other bicycle out there and she has a basket and a book rack (I dunno what it’s called) and her seat has some big springs on them that cushion every bump in the road with a perfect bounce and she has three wonderful speeds and I love her.


Now… I have some more birthday surprises to share, but the sun is shining so I’m outta here.  I’ll post more later.

xoxo love you all!


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Remember how I like to steal blog posts from my friends?  Check out Aub’s post here to see some fun shiz we’ve done lately.


Current NFS:

Bonus Mosh Pt II by Taking Back Sunday

Current NFS 2:

Alexithymia by Anberlin

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