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Tuesday = Institute with Aubrey and Tara.

Last night institute lasted a total of 30 minutes. And we were 10 minutes late… you do the math. We found ourselves in Salt Lake City looking for something to do so as to not waste a drive all the way into the big city. We threw around ideas of karaoke at Lumpy’s, dancing at W (which isn’t even open on Tuesday’s), and finally settled on getting dessert at Gourmandise and seeing The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus at the Broadway Theatre. It was gloriously fun. You’d think the three of us would be sick of each other after spending three straight days together in Vegas. We weren’t. Not even close. Wanna know what I love about my friends? I love that I have hilarious friends. Here is a sampling of some things that were said last night that made my side ache from laughing:



Aubrey timidly describing the kind of M&M’s she lost in Vegas.


“Maybe he drives better than he walks”

After the slowest and most wobbly member of a group of elderly people got behind the wheel to drive said group home.


“It was a retweet by 2real4youz”

I have no explanation for this one.


“Boom boom boom… she is”

Cam and Aub in unison. We’re awesome like that.


“When two vowels go walking the first does the talking”

Tara explaining why she has pronounced Feist wrong for forever.


“I think he’s drinking on the job” “mmmm hmmmm”

Aub and a stranger about the guy in charge of stating the movies.


“Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggg rrrrrraaaaaarrrhhhhhh!!!!  …sorry”

Cam having a temper tantrum in the parking garage then apologizing to a stranger walking by.



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Remember how I wanted to get out of dodge?

Well… I am!

In exactly two weeks I will be here:

(Sorry about the ladies bum… but I really liked this picture)

THEN, in seven weeks I will be here:

The Golden Gate Bridge

Ahhh… how I love to travel. Wanna know what I’m probably most excited about??? Taking my camera with me on these trips! Hopefully I will come back with some gems like the pictures above (Like I’m even close to that skill level, but whatevs).

I’m a happy girl.

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Just enjoy it, alright? And don’t say I never gave you anything.  


Okay, okay, if you would like an accompanying story (plus some other hilarious stories) you can read all about it on Aub’s blog. Her life is a riot and in it, I have the honor of playing the supporting  role.

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I hope you all had a Buggy Halloween!

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