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I love, love, loved the food in Thailand. I’m not even kidding, it was so good. So good, in fact, I took pictures of it on the regular. One of my favorite treats is below. I wish I could remember what it was called, but I can’t. Maybe one of you will know and you can tell me? Cause that would be awesome. Since I don’t know what this delicious treat is called, I’m going to show you how it’s made.


Step one: find one of the cute Thai ladies with a cart fully equip to make your delicious treat. Watch her slap some butter on the skillet, grab some dough and stretch it out over the melted butter. Then watch as she slices up a banana and puts the pieces in the middle of the dough. Once the banana pieces are in place, she will crack an egg over the bananas.

Step two: Continue to watch in awe as she folds the edges of the delicious treat to make a flat burrito type bundle. She will then flip it two or three times to make sure it is cooked thoroughly. After it’s cooked she will remove it from the skillet, and cut it into bite sized pieces. Now comes the key step. She will drizzle sweetened condensed milk all over the top it off with some sugar. She will then give you a toothpick to eat it with. You will giver her some money that is equivalent to .30 cents in America and go home and enjoy something like this:

And that is how you make it!

Oh my goodness I want some right now. Seriously, does anyone know where a girl could find some of this sweet Thai goodness In Utah? I’m willing to pay for any leads…

Oh, and while I’m at it, if anyone knows of a place I can get a breakfast that looks like the breakfast pictured below, let me know.


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Even in Bangkok. I love this picture from my trip last August. I came across this picture last night and I had to laugh. I remember this exact moment. We were walking down this crazy tourist street in Bangkok with Europeans all around. I remember being astonished at the amount of white people around. We rounded the corner and dirty little Thai men kept trying to get me to get me to go into dirty little clubs with ladyboy’s and mostly naked women and the like. “Ping pong, ping pong” they kept saying to me. Ping pong? You don’t wanna know. Ignoring did nothing. Finally I started egging one of them on. “Ping pong?!?!?!” I exclaimed back. The little man got very excited and started pointing me to a particular club. “Ping pong! Ping pong!” he kept saying. “No way, ping pong?” I said back. Amber started getting upset with me. “Cambria! Stop that! Don’t talk to them!” She was probably right but I could only ignore them for so long.

Anyway, enough of the immoral, evil stuff and back to my picture. The gesture Ronald and I are doing is a greeting of respect in Thailand. I got very used to putting my hands up to my face, fingers up, and bowing my head when I got a ride from someone, bought something, met someone, squeezed through a doorway with someone coming the other way through, got my food from someone, tipped someone for taking a picture of me on an elephant ride, etc. They do it all the time! I started to love it. To me, it was a very warm, mutually respectful greeting and it doesn’t seem to be dying like the handshake is in America. I completely loved experiencing a wholly new and different culture while in Thailand. I can’t wait for my next trip!

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And while I was in Bangkok I went to the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo.  While I was there I did the following epic things:


Watched a cute elephant do a victory dance after winning a soccer match!  Dancing elephant?  Now that’s my kind of elephant.

DSC_0260Feed an elephant… it kinda creeped me out, I’ll be honest.  But it was still epic.


Posed for a picture with some baby elephants.  It was fun, as if you couldn’t tell. 🙂

DSC_0335Yeah… I took a picture with a couple tigers.  It was a scary-and-epic-combo moment.

Picnik collageWatched this crazy Thai guy stick his entire arm down and crocodiles throat.  Crazy.

Picnik collage2Any ideas what this might be?  I gave you three clues…

Ready to find out???

Okay here goes…

DSC_0367I rode an elephant!!!

Thailand was incredible.   This is just one morning… I have so much more to share!  Hopefully I can find bits of time here and there to put up more small posts like this one.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

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So, I’ve been in Utah for about 42 hours now.  It’s nice to be home.  I have so much I want to write about I don’t know where to start!  Also, I tried to get my pictures from my camera to my computer yesterday and failed.  SO, you will all need to share a little patience with me.  My friends Amber & Ty were, however, able to get some pictures up on Facebook… so I’m gonna steal a few to give you a taste of what is to come!


The is much, much more to come!!!

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  1. Beau’s mom just brought me white chocolate dipped fortune cookies.
  2. The awesome lady in charge of the adorable gift shop in the hospital I work at wants to sell my wallets.  kyesss!
  3. I’m going to wreak havoc in Hong Kong & Thailand this soon with these crazy cats.
  4. I’ll be running the Ogden Half Marathon in one week (and one day).  Pray for me.  Please.
  5. It’s Friday. Okay, I guess it’s Friday for you, too.  You dont’ have to hate me for that.
  6. This girl and this girl are my besties.  I’m not sharing, sorry.
  7. Oh yeah… and did I mention I’m going to HAWAII on June 6th?  Thanks for the plane ticket mom & dad, happy birthday to me!!  Aloha Oi!

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Update: AUGUST 2nd!

August 31st, I’ll be going here:






I’m trying not to count but I can’t help it.

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