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 I like to cheat on my blog sometimes. Partly because I’m lazy and partly because I have amazing blogging friends who work word wonders. Like my bff Aubrey, for example. I’m going to cheat on my blog with her blog. Again. Sorry blog, it’s not my fault Aub can spin beautiful webs of words.

But before I do, I must tell you about the second most amazing moment of my life so far. As some of you may know, I love President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints. I know it’s probably not very righteous to have a favorite apostle, but I do. So deal with it. Saturday morning I was enjoying the Days of ’47 Parade with Aubrey and Michelle, Aub’s mom and bro and my mom and dad and bro when all of the sudden, we saw President Uchtdorf coming up the parade route in a convertible. I got really, really excited to see him. Like, really excited. 

Remember last year when he sat by my fam and I? Pure awesomeness.

Anyway, back to the story at hand. SO, there I am, really excited and I get this great idea for Aub, Michelle and I to yell “WE LOVE YOU” to Pres. Uchtdorf. So we did. Because we’re five. At this point he turned to look at us. We were all cheering, but I was probably going a little spastic cause he is my favorite.

Then it happened. PRESIDENT UCHTDORF POINTED DIRECTLY AT ME AND WAVED!!! I’m not even kidding. I kinda freaked out with excitement and I’m pretty sure he laughed at me. It was amazing. And do you wanna know what makes it even more amazing? You see, I have this incredibly on the ball friend Aubrey who was taking pictures of the parade. She got a picture of the exact moment he pointed at me! I think I might frame it and hang it in my house somewhere.

(Insert angelic choir singing)

Thanks Aub-face!

Now, if you would like to read about the shenanigans leading up to this moment (and if you’d like to find out the reason why the word “homeless” is in the title) go to Aubrey‘s blog here.

If you would like to see a cute picture of siad shenanigans on Michelle‘s blog, go here.


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The sun is shining today… resulting in my mind racing to think of all the things I want to do this summer. I need to write them all down, a summer fun check-list, if you will. Some of these things I have the means to do all on my own, some I will need to do some persuading of my friends and friends-of-friends. Ha. If you have a cool connection, watch out… ima be after YOU!

  • Bear Lake
  • Mountain biking (I think I might love it)
  • Triathlon
  • Something Corporate Concert with Aubrey
  • Movies under the stars at the State Capitol
  • Twilight Concert Series
  • Take lots of photos
  • SLC Farmers Market by bicycle with Michelle
  • Lake Powell
  • Picnics
  • Scooter rides
  • Volleyball at Barns Park
  • The drive-in
  • Bee’s baseball games… with a hot dog
  • Farmington Festival Days 5k
  • Lagoon
  • Lagoon-A-Beach
  • Alpine slide
  • Kaysville 4th of July 5k
  • Pioneer Day Parade downtown
  • Cherry Hill
  • Salt Lake Arts Festival
  • Batting cages
  • Institute
  • Play a round of golf
  • Long Saturday runs with my Kodi-dog
  • Make homemade lemonade
  • Camp up Farmington Canyon
  • Go fishing
  • Adams Canyon hiking
  • Fireworks
  • Martins Cove with my ward
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Mow my lawn
  • Layout in the sunshine
  • Float the Weber River
  • Roast mallows

That’s all I got so far… I’m determined to get them all done! Who wants to help me?

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Did that just happen? 2009, I mean. Like, the whole year.


January: Spent zero dollars on clothing. That’s a fact.

February: Visited Michelle in Nebraska! Who would have ever thought I would visit Nebraska… not me. But it was awesome. Started Sweet Somethings with my momma.

March: Went to the Festival of Colors with Aub Bob. Won a photo shoot! Dressed up in 80’s garb and danced the night away.

April: Bought Screamin’ Mimi… aka my scooter. I love her.

May: Happy birthday to me! I got my adorable bicycle, Gigi. Ran my second ever half marathon. Bought my Nikon D60.

June: One word: Hawaii. I don’t even care about anything else that happened in June.

July: I love July. I love the 4th of July. I also love the 24th of July because I live in Utah. July holidays = Bliss.

August: Hong Kong. Macau. Bangkok, Thailand. Epic adventures.

September: Started a photography class, chopped my hair. I love both.

October: Took lots of pictures. Dressed up as a bumble bee.

November: Turkey, mashed, stuffed, etc. Times two.

December: Said good-bye to Elder Nash. Hello house fire. Christmas. New Year’s Eve.

If you’re lucky I’ll post about how I did on my goals for 2009 and fill you in on my goals for 2010. But only if you’re lucky.

Love you all!

xoxo Cambria

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Shelby Lou Who tagged me!  Shelby and I became blog friends a little while ago and I think she is just the cutest thing since… spring.  Yes, spring.  She even bought one of my wallets wayyyyy back before we became blog friends so that makes her like ten times cooler (if that is even possible).  Now, I’m going to write a little note to my brother Mike, everyone else can skip straight to the lists.  Mike, do you even read this?  I want you to marry Shelby, okay?  I’ll get the introducing done and double with you guys for your first date so it’s not so awkward.  She even know’s our cousin Emilee… so Emilee can vouch for her awesomness, too.  kthanks. 

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago

1. Wow… 5 years ago it was 2004.  I was three years into college… um… wow.  I feel old. 

2. I was probably dating a really stupid guy.  I did that a lot.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

4. I’m pretty sure I might have been hanging out with Michelle and MacLane A LOT.  Ohhhhh… those are two fun cats I tell you.  Now they are both married to awesome EC’s (Eternal Companions).

5. Living and learning.

5 Things on My To-Do-List

1. Pay Amber and Ty the remaining balance of my plane ticket to Hong Kong.  Oh, and the hotel.  I think I have like $1,000 left.

2.  Run, run, and more run!  The Ogden Half Marathon is in t-minus 15 days.  I’m really freaking out. 

3.  Clean my room?  That’s always on my list.  Did you read that, mom?  Are you proud I’m at least thinking about it?

4.  Finish paying off the Federal Government. $600 left on that one.  Stupid taxes.

5. Pay off Scoot.  $940 left on that one!   Wow… I have accrued a lot of debt in the last few months.

5 Places I’ve Lived

1. “I lived in heaven a long time ago, it is trueeeeeee.  Lived there and loved there with people I know, so did youuuuuuu.” 

2. My mother’s womb (for approximately 9 months) 

3. Davis North Hospital (for a day or two) 

4. Centerville, Utah (till I was 3.5 years old) 

5. Kaysville, Utah (from 3.5 years till now!) 

5 Things I Want to Be Doing in 5 Years

1.  Be married.  Wow… how generic and cliche of me to put marriage as my number one.  But come on, I don’t want to be a 31 year old single Mormon girl in Utah… talk about terrible odds!

2.  I’d like to have traveled to at least 5 new amazing places like Europe, New Zealand, New York, Hawaii, Japan, Australia, Florida, The Caribbean, etc.

3.  If I’m lucky enough for numero uno to work out would it be too much to ask for a kid or two?  Depending on timing, of course.

4.  I’ll be honest… it’d be really sweet if I wasn’t working.  Just keeping it real.

5 People I Tag

Collin & Jennise (they count as one…)



Amber & Ty (they count as one, too)


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If I just add a link to one of Michelle’s posts and count it as my own, but give her full credit (obvzly)?

My good friend Chanel and I went to visit one of our very favorite people in the world a week and a half ago… I’ve been meaning to post about it, but Michelle (the favorite person) beat me to it.  How about I’ll give you one sneak peek and you can read and view pictures all about it on her blog?  Deal?  Deal.


Just click on the wonderful picture of me to see more 😉

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